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What our students say...

Business Systems Analysis and Design
- "Would recommend it to all managers that doesn't have a technical development background" - J.duP.

CICS Fundamentals
- "I would recommend it for all programmers" - C.S.

CICS Web Application Programming
- "Brilliant, Valuable, have aquired new skills" - L.J.

WebSphere MQ Fundamentals
- "Very Good for someone who has no experience with MQ" - N.L.
- "Very good, it cleared some confusions I had." - W.S.
- "It was professionally facilitated and I have gained a lot of info" - J.C.
- "Excellent, relevant and helpful, greate examples by lecturer" - M.S

XML Fundamentals
- "An excellent course that gave me a good idea of what XML is all about" - I.H.
- "Was a very interesting course, learnt a lot" - K.H.

Presentation Techniques
- "I can apply the techniques in my real life and work situation" - L.M.

TCP/IP Fundamentals
- "Very informative for me to be able to use the knowledge at my workplace" - S.N.

WebSphere MQ Application Programming (I)
- "Very insightful. I enjoyed the practical exercises." - M.M.
- "Vey good practical work" L.C.
- "Recommend anyone needing MQ to attend" - I.M.

Advanced Job Control Language
- "Absolutely perfect in every way. Got a very good understanding of JCL." - M.R.

CICS Application Debug
- "I got a lot of in-depth understanding of CICS on top of the debugging portions" - S.N.
- "Excellent, provided exactly what was needed" - J.C.

CICS Command Level Programming
- "Course was excellent, lecturer knows his stuff" - P.C.

DB2 Application Performance and Tuning
- "Extremely worthwhile. lecturer provided valuable training." - A.C.

MS SQL Server Querying with Transact SQL
- "Gained enough knowledge and a lot more confident than before" - G.G.
- "Excellent! course material impressive" - C.S.

DB2 SQL Application Programming
- "Successful, I know more than I knew before I started" - A.S.
- "Very good course that I would recommend to others" - A.K.

Fast-Track COBOL Programming
- "I enjoyed the course and could ask so many questions, learned a lot of programming which is actually applicable to my job" - J.W.
- "I have learned a lot. I am sure that this will add value to my day to day work." - S.N.

First Line Manager Dev Workshop
- "Excellent course, all staff should attend" - S.B.
- "Absolutely brilliant!!" - Y.vZ.

Job Control Language Fundamentals
- "The course was very practical and the lecturer was exceptional" - J.O.
- "We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating us" - B.N.
- "A mind opener, filled in a lot of gaps" - O.T.

Mainframe and MVS Fundamentals
- "Enjoyed the course, and really impressed with the lecturer's knowledge of Linux & Mainframe. Highly motivated." - R.D.
- "Excellent! Learnt a lot. Now ready to take on IBM z/OS." - A.S.
- "Everything was great will be attending more courses in the future very much appreciated hope to be back soon. Verhoef is very well organised in every aspect." - B.B.

TSO/ISPF Fundamentals
- "Very informative and is essential for anyone working on mainframe." - T.H.
- "Good course, excellent lecturer, he knows his stuff." - B.N.

Parallel Sysplex Overview
- "Excellent, Keep it Up!" - S.R.

RACF Administration
- "Everything I needed to know" - S.N.

UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
- "Excellent and will definitely be applied; excellent knowledge skills by the trainer" - M.E.
- "I totally enjoyed this course, really met my expectations. Had a wonderful instructor that just added to the adventure." - R.N.
- "I really enjoyed the course and the way you interected with the whole class." - L.M.
- "Excellent! Course. My expectations were met and more!" - C.H.

UNIX/Linux Shell Programming
- "Very helpful and beneficial to my current work responsibilities the knowledge gained will definately improve my productivity" - W.B.
- "As a mainframe support user, I found the course very useful as I sometimes do support work on UNIX." - M.K.

VTAM Introduction
- "Excellent. Gives the learner a good understanding of VTAM and the role is plays in the mainframe industry/environment." - De. G.

z/OS Fundamentals
- "The course was presented professionally and explained 100%" - I.Q.

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