Course Schedules :: 2017

  Business/Soft Skills
title days Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
BS01 Business Systems Analysis+Design 5         8           13  
BS02 OO Analysis and Design with UML 4           20            
BS03 Project Management Principles 3                 13      
BS05 Project Management Lite 2                        
BS06 Interpersonal Skills Workshop 2                        
BS07 Assertiveness Skills 2         29              
BS08 Customer Services for IT 2                        
BS10 Quality Management 2+1                        
BS11 Relationship Building Workshop 3+1                        
BS12 Business Communications Skills Workshop 3                        
BS13 Business Etiquette 1                        
BS14 Business Writing Skills 2                        
BS15 Change Management Skills Workshop 3                        
BS16 Self Management Skills Workshop 3+1                        
BS17 Cultural Awareness and Business Etiquette 2                        
BS18 Customer Service Management 2                        
BS19 First Line Manager Development Workshop 5                        
BS20 Negotiation Skills 2         29              
BS21 Performance Management and Appraisals 2                        
BS22 Presentation Techniques 2                        
BS23 Senior Manager's Development Workshop 5                        
BS24 Stress Management Techniques 3                        
BS25 Successful Teams Workshop 3                        
BS26 Supervising for Success 3                        
BS27 Telephone Skills 2                        
BS28 Time Management 3                        
BS29 Verbal Communications Skills 2                        
BS30 Business English and Writing Skills 2                        
BS31 Anger Management 2                        
BS32 Personal and Professional Effectiveness 3                        
    Combined Learning
BS71 Time Management with MS Outlook 2                        
BS72 Business Report Writing MS Word 2                        
BS73 Business Budgeting with MS Excel 2                        
BS74 Presentation Skills with MS PowerPoint 2                        

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