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3 days   *   Advanced   *   Lecture and Labs

Course Summary:
AJAX is the popular term for a broad collection of technologies and techniques that enable Web-based applications to have the usability and responsiveness previously achievable only by installed applications. AJAX is a key element in the Web 2.0 revolution, and will revolutionize Web-software development with the promise of ending the problems associated with deployment, installation, and release management for specialized applications.

Target Audience:
This course is for Web developers or desktop application developers with significant experience in Web technologies, who wish to develop the skills needed to apply AJAX technologies to existing Web applications, or to architect and implement new applications that can benefit from the AJAX approach.

Recommended Prerequisites:
Delegates must be technical staff with solid experience using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript in conventional Web documents including Web-based forms, as well as familiarity with XML.

Course Objectives:
After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Fully understand what AJAX is, and what differentiates an AJAX application from a conventional Web application
  • Be able to improve usability of existing Web pages by combining AJAX techniques and page elements with static elements
  • Be able to send and receive data from the application server without interrupting the userís workflow
  • Use data in either XML or JSON format to add to, remove from, or update the pageís content
  • Understand how asynchronous updates may improve the userís experience and perception of the application
  • Have solid experience using development tools including JavaScript debuggers, DOM inspectors, and profilers to observe, debug and improve performance of AJAX apps
  • Implement and bring home a set of frequently-used AJAX interaction techniques to use as a starting points in adding AJAX to actual applications
  • Be able to use popular libraries like Dojo and Scriptaculous to simplify AJAX implementation and insure cross-browser compatibility
  • Understand and apply the Model-View-Controller pattern in designing, implementing and refactoring user-interfaces
  • Understand the value and features of emerging AJAX frameworks and support for server tools supporting AJAX techniques like RubyOnRails and Backbase

    Key Topics:

  • What Is AJAX?
  • Basic AJAX Techniques
  • Managing Asynchronous Activities
  • Impacts on User Experience
  • JavaScript Way Beyond "on" Methods
  • Specific and Reusable AJAX Techniques
  • It is not just "Pages" anymore
  • The Model-View-Controller Pattern
  • The Role of the Server
  • You donít need to Invent it all
  • Building a Multi-User AJAX Application
  • Production-Ready AJAX
  • Overview of Frameworks supporting AJAX

    Last modified: 03-Jan-2009

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